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Offering southwest Florida excursions to the Everglades since 1996! Join one of our knowledgeable and fun guides to experience and learn about one of the most unique wetland ecosystems in the world. Your Adventure begins by van from Fort Myers Beach in Southwest Florida. Our tours offer insight and hands-on adventures into the cultural history and the diverse wildlife of this fragile environment. All our tours include a thrilling air boat ride in the Everglades and much more! See photos and more on our Facebook page.

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  • heaving goldieWhat to wear to the Everglades in the summer
    heaving goldie What to wear for Everglades Climate in the summer time? At Everglades Adventures, we want your Everglades tour to be enjoyable. Consider these tips when visiting the Everglades area. From the end of May through November, the Everglades are hot and humid with temperatures at 90 degrees and humidity over 90 percent. In the afternoon, rain showers
  • 1920 Curtiss "Scooter" curtissway.comHistory of Airboats in the Florida Everglades
    Ever wondered where airboats came from? Airboats, also known as fanboats, were invented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1905 in his Nova Scotia labs.  The first airboat dubbed the “The Ugly Duckling” was built as means of testing various engines and prop configurations. Fifteen years later, the boat was introduced to the Everglades by pilot and
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